Performance Opportunities

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” -Chinese Proverb

SingOut Live Band Rehearsals

SingOut™ Singing and Performance School offers a monthly band rehearsal for students wishing to perform or practice with a live band. The band has a guitarist, pianist , basest, drummer, and backing vocalist. Singers often begin singing with backing tracks and are fixed and limited in their creativity because they are restricted to the style and key of the arrangement. Singing with  live musicians eliminates this issue but re-introduces other challenges for the singer. These rehearsals allow a new experience and development opportunity for the student. In this dynamic environment the singer learns to lead and and direct the musicians as they feel. They are able to rearrange, re-stylize or even change key to the song and then perform the song with the band.

ShowCase Evenings

Twice a year the school organizes a showcase evening at the Northcote Town Hall and Thornbury Theatre,10 experience students are selected to strut their performance skills on stage to a live audience of approximately 150 guests. This formal event allows performers to invite guest and family members and each performer has 20 minutes, to do a small production of their choice. All of these performances are supported with live music with the SingOut™ band, playing their own instrument or bringing in accompanying musicians. To prepare for this event students work in class over a 6 month period, developing their production idea and preparing their voice. These events enable the student to develop skills in production idea, song selection and arrangement, organizing musicians and rehearsals, script writing for conversation with audiences and also promotional skills by having to sell tickets.

Less Formal Performances

Casual performance evenings at the Growling Frog Restaurant in Yan Yean are arranged three times a year. At these events guests are provided with a a buffet dinner and are dining while singers are performing. It is less intense and beginner singers prefer this environment to help them ease into the performance without the intensity of a formal concert style environment. Each singer performs 2 of their favourite songs that they have worked in class. Backing tracks are used and some choose to play either guitar or piano. For advanced singers this environment can enable them to develop greater stage presence, honing skills in building rapport with audiences and overall stronger confidence in performance.

Christmas Community Performance

Each year SingOut™ Singing and Performance School receives an invitation to set a stage at the Plenty Valley Westfield Shopping Centre for the community Christmas event. All students are invited to participate by singing 2 Christmas carols or celebration songs. Backing tracks and live music are used to assist the singers. This is a free event that family and friends can attend

Master Classes and Workshops

To enable students to prepare and develop for any live performance, students are encouraged to participate in the following:

  • Drama and Performance for singers, using emotional states.
  • Vocal Harmony, Duets and Improvisation.
  • Songwriting Technique and musical composition.
  • Microphone technique and experience using a sound system (PA).
  • Worship leading skills for Christian singers and musicians.
  • Learning how to choose the best key of a song that better suits your voice.
  • Guitar and Piano Chords for singers wanting to accompanying themselves.
  • Learning italian repertoire for any cultural singing.

Workshops for worship bands in churches

Maria Pellicano has over 30 years experience singing and playing guitar in large church worship bands and also as a solo worship leader in small church settings. Over this time she has gained knowledge of what overall sound works best in different church settings and what some of the issues are that affect the outcome of the worship session. Bands can experience issues with getting an overall best sound and this is often created by mu- sic rhythm and timing issues and or pitching issues with singers who are struggling to sing in keys that are not suitable to their vocal range. Maria is available to come to your church worship band rehearsal where she can give feedback and solutions for overall sound and production. Maria can help singers with vocal harmonies, arrangements and vocal exercise that can help singers strengthen their voice and increase the vocal range. You can contact Maria Pellicano to arrange a workshop which can address these issues and motivate those in the team to build skill, passion and awareness of excellent music production.

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