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Marnie Mulcay


Singing for an occasion is always an honour. SingOut has specialised lessons to train you for singing at an event, such as a wedding, funeral, engagement, a party, Christmas event or even at one of our various showcases that we hold throughout the year. Maria can prepare you to sing in front of any audience so you can deliver your best musical talents. Practical exercises are personally tailored to each student’s singing level. Using scales, moderation of timbre, control of vibrato and feedback are highlighted in SingOut’s curriculum. Our singers learn to develop clear vowels, dynamic control, a wide range of pitches, the ability to move, and maximized resonance. It takes time to build these abilities, and it takes time for a voice to mature. Our aim is to build confidence and effortlessness in your chosen musical field to develop technique and give students a wide range of tools to access when performing musically.


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