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 Singing builds Confidence 

When we sing we develop confidence because we emotionally step up to ourselves and work through the limiting beliefs that we have about " NOT being GOOD Enough".   It puzzles me when I notice that even though a student has been learning to sing for a while and has mastered GOOD VOCAL TECHNIQUE they still don't believe they can DO IT.   What I mean is;  SING ON STAGE.  

Everything But that is what the shy singer will be silently screaming on the inside.   

Does this ring a bell for you? 
Are you holding back from Singing because you are afraid of Failure ?
 Have you considered that failure does not exist and that everything is only FEEDBACK  that is what a VOCAL COACH,  Singing teacher should help you with.   Working on learning what will make you feel confident and how to build vocal skill competency 


Singing is so much more than just  GOOD VOCAL TECHNIQUE IF YOUR PASSION IS TO SING THEN it's everything that you feel and think about.  You wake up in the morning wanting to sing and your go to bed dreaming that you will sing.   If you feel that you are going to be shamed or you believe that you will mess up your performance,  than this will hold you back and mostly like it will happen because your critter brain knows no difference from a truth and a lie. It will follow your instruction and give you what you want, even if you don't want it.    That is why as singers if we are going to give a good PERFORMANCE on stage we must be congruent with our voices and with the emotion we sing with.  Our emotions must be focused on the song and not on keeping ourselves safe.  This is focus on self rather than focus on audiences. 

I always tell my students keep the flow and if you forget your words when performing just make them up.  The important thing is to keep the flow for your audience and for yourself.  Don't stop the singing this is the worst thing you can do on any stage. 

When you are holding back and thinking thoughts that are disempowering you for Singing On Stage, your muscles inside your mouth and throat will tighten up and everything about you will  scream  "I am not safe... warning!  warning! I am not safe.  Please come and rescue me from this trauma I am putting myself through".    This the younger child in you, the critter brain trying to keep you safe.  

 As a result of working with so many Beginner Singers,   I began to study Human Behaviour and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).   As a voice teacher who's outcome is to see a Beginner Singer step up and Sing on Stage with courage and skill, showing them that they can DO IT has been a complete delight and has given me great meaning to why SINGING builds Confidence.  

If you are curious and what to know how you can step up and sing on stage, build your confidence while learning to sing and perform you can contact me a  and we can discuss what yo can do to take action.  

Here is details of our next upcoming live student show at SingOut singing and performance school.   

Thank you for reading this blog and look forward to hearing from you. 


Maria Pellicano 


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