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  • Learn How to Sing Confidently

    Learning to Sing with Confidence 5 steps you can takeHave you ever felt like you want to sing or even speak out but you are just too SCARED? Have you ever felt like your voice is just going to LET YOU DOWN right on stage? To have confidence as a singer or even a speaker,  you must feel that you are COMPETENT.  Often students and clients I work with say to me that they feel inadequate when singing or speaking in public.  They feel that they are not good enough to be ...  Read More...

  • Have Behavioural Flexibility Success Mindset Principal for Singers (PART 4

    “It’s the person with the most flexibility, not necessarily the most power, who is in control.” Unknown   For the past 20 years I have been teaching how to sing in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  I also have taught many singers and speakers on Skype from all over the world.   One of the things I have noticed that creates a successful singer is the belief systems of the student or client I work with.   Read More...

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