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3 Steps To Control Your Speaking Voice

1.  Your voice is a carrier of information about you

It has been discovered that 38% of our communication comes across through the tone, inflection and speed of our voices, 55% in the way we carry our bodies and only 7% in the words we use. So although words really do matter, a total of 93% of communication is nonverbal which demonstrates the importance of supporting the words that we use with vocal tone and body language.

When you speak people feel your words more than hear them.  They feel your emotion and character and whether you really mean what you say and say what you mean.  They will connect with you if they believe you are authentic.

There are times when your message may need to be more assertive or energetic and times when it may need it to be soothing or comforting, this will vary depending on what you want to communicate. It is also important to keep in mind that your emotions will affect your voice. Your voice is you and you are your voice, it cannot be hidden or separated.

How do you know what your audience is really hearing?

VOCAL TIP    “Use your voice muscles to create tone”

When your larynx is lower you have a deeper sound that makes your message stronger and serious. When you slightly raise your larynx you will create a brighter sound that makes your sound softer and friendlier.  Smiling when speaking will help you sound brighter and energised, while having a more serious facial expression will deepen your voice for when you need to convey a message with more authority.

2.  The wrong vocal tone creates misunderstandings

Have you ever had anyone say ‘It’s not just what you have said; it’s how you have said it?’

You may be sending one message verbally and another message with your non verbal cues. The way you talk can have a particularly profound effect on how others interpret what it is that you are saying because of how you are feeling at the time that you speak.  Everyone loves the feeling of connection through words that carry authenticity.  Your words have the power to create connection when they are supported with the right tone that comes from an authentic heart that is passionate about the message

Have you ever felt you were misunderstood by others?


Don’t hold your breath when you speak, by locking up your stomach muscles.  Breathe more air deeper into your belly and expand the ribs.  Stop breathing too high in your chest and running out of breath when you are speaking. Speaking with more air will make your voice sound warmer, friendlier and approachable.

3.  Have a friendly speaking tone in your relationships

Many of us have a tendency to listen half-heartedly to a number of the people that we meet. The truth is that we're more likely to pay attention to a friendly voice than to one that is dull, monotonous, or frustrated and angry.   Your voice must be confident and clear as this will attract your listeners and keep them engaged. This will also help them trust you and rely on your words.  What this means is that you will feel that you have been heard and you are making a difference by creating the influence you want to have.

Does your voice convey intimidation or approachability?

Someone once told me “The amount we get paid is measured by the degree that we can emotionally evoke passion in others”

Vocal Tip:   “loosen your jaw and tongue”

When your jaw and tongue is relaxed you will sound freer, your vocal tone will flow better and you will sound inviting. When you speak drop your jaw and make your tongue soft by resting the tip of it lightly behind your bottom teeth. Stop holding back your voice by closing your mouth too much and restricting your speaking.


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