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Find Optimal Pitch (Optimal Speaking Pitch) Dr Morton Cooper
This is about finding the pitch of the speech. Find the note on the piano (around the note
area) that the person is speaking on and then exercise around that. You are checking the
vocal movement. Both these two speakers keeping coming back to F#3. Two world
leaders both speaking on F# 3.... this was both J F Kennedy and Osama Obama.

Every speaking voice has “Fundamental Frequency” (or FO, pronounced F-not) which is the most amount of sound for the least amount of effort, producing a clear sound, with good tone focus(resonance), good projection at the right speaking pitch. For males it is usually between 85 to 185 Hz and for females 165 to 255 Hz. Speaking outside of your fundamental frequency (FO) will result in vocal stress and abuse and symptoms of constant hoarseness will be present. eg: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall. (BBS) Bogart-Becall syndrome.

Everyone has a natural optimum FO also called (habitual FO), this produces less fatigue and efficient effective voice results. The habitual FF (the frequency you are used to) may not be what is best for your voice and so what you are used to and what is best for you may be different.

To find your Fundamental Frequency do the following exercises
1. read out loud with a straw
2. Um-hum - Agreeing
3. Mmh - Asking
4. Sliding up like a siren on a semi occluded sound with an Oo as if you
have a straw in your mouth.

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