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  • Have Behavioural Flexibility Success Mindset Principal for Singers (PART 4

    “It’s the person with the most flexibility, not necessarily the most power, who is in control.” Unknown   For the past 20 years I have been teaching how to sing in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  I also have taught many singers and speakers on Skype from all over the world.   One of the things I have noticed that creates a successful singer is the belief systems of the student or client I work with.   Read More...

  • Speech Level Singing technique for singers & speakers

    'the human voice is the organ of the soul”    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (poet & educator 1882)  Whether you are a singer or a speaker speech level singing technique can help any professional voice user sound like a star and give you the vocal longetivity to last a life time.    SPEECH LEVEL SINGING TECHNIQUE MEANS: *   Singing through the vocal registers in the same comfortable manner as you speak. *   By applying specific vowels, consonants and ...  Read More...

  • Singers are Generous

         Generosity is adding value. When you are generous, people are naturally attracted to you. When you add value people enjoy it as you are coming out of love and people are attracted to that.   Read More...

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